Thursday, November 13, 2008

Handmade soaps!

Here are a bunch of soaps I finished recently. They have apricot and various scented oils in them. These are the first ones I made.

I used some stickers to hold the saran wrap down. p.s. I HATE saran wrap.

After I made those, I started to experiment. So I went around the house and took some dried flowers and dried lavender stems and put them in the wax. There's also dead leaves and pine needles in some of them.

I didn't use any dyes in these but they are scented and have apricot as well. I also think it's kind of neat how the color from the plants ran.

These are the Halloween soaps that I unfortunately did not get out in time for the season, but thankfully, and really, who cares. Everyday is Halloween.

(this looks way more orange than it actually is.)

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