Thursday, November 13, 2008

High Priestess box

I just finished this one. That is an image of a High Priestess from Robert M. Place's tarot deck, The Tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery. You should check out his illustrations and if you feel so inclined, order them.

This is the same kind of box as the winding vines one posted before. There is twine around the border and on the spine. I was nervous about putting the image shown on her scroll and book cover because I just could not get it to look right. And I thought that maybe if someone does buy it and wanted me to put something personal on it I could.

This is the spine. I cut each piece individually and hot glued them on. Unfortunately, that space is there because I couldn't glue over the hinges. I might work on that some more because it looks a little weird. Well, lets be honest. That looks pretty bad.

And this is the inside. I hot glued felt down and I painted the "pages" dark green. The borders and back are solid black, though.

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